"I have ridden with Sanchia for over eight years.  She has helped me move up to the 3’3 A/O hunters and 3’3 equitation. She has been extremely supportive of my goals and has helped me move up to higher levels safely.  She does push, but not for anything the rider is not ready for. She will always give you her opinion in the most tactful way possible.

When buying my first horse, she worked with our budget to find the perfect first horse within our budget. She is not like other trainers who make you feel like it is only about the money you have to spend, if you can show every weekend or not, the equipment you have, or how many horses and how much they cost.  

She really has taught me so much over the years both in riding and in life skills"............ Sydney Englund

"Sanchia is a wonderful riding instructor.   When my daughter had an accident that was so bad that she didn't want to ride for months, Sanchia was able to rekindle her love of horses without ever pushing too hard.   She also helped take our (very) green pony from wiggling down the line to understanding commands and showing in hunter classes.   But she is more than versatile in teaching equine skills--she is also good at people skills.   She focused on what was important to us about our relationship with our horse and about competing, rather than trying to fulfill her own agenda.   I would recommend her for riders at any level" ........ Kate & G

"My daughter has ridden with Sanchia for a number of years. She’s been the perfect trainer for her. She listens to her goals and tries to help her reach them, but always with her safety and her horse’s safety in mind. She challenges her and helps her understand how to be a better rider. She’s kind, caring and a great coach. We love her!"............ Gerri Detweiler

"I can't say enough positive things about Sanchia and her coaching abilities. When I first began lessons with Sanchia three months ago, my off the track thoroughbred mare was quite uncontrollable, spooked at the blink of an eye, and interpreted every leg movement as a signal to go top-speed.

Through her extensive knowledge, unique skills and her attention to every minute detail,  Sanchia has turned my mare into a relaxed, collected, and eager to please horse and developed my riding skills  dramatically in this short three month period. 
Sanchia has a unique skill in identifying exactly what you and your horse need to create a truly wonderful bond and to achieve the goals you are seeking. She gives you her undivided attention, provides both the big picture and the technical detail as required and manages to include fun, laughter, and an overall positivity to the entire lesson. . I will forever be grateful for all that Sanchia has given to Bella and me and  I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to develop the very best riding skills and their relationship  with their horse" .... JoAnn